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Arco, Idaho, home of the...

I told people that I'd taken a detour to Arco, Idaho,
and asked, puzzler-like, why I might have gone there.

I got a few responses, such as:

For atomic tourism:

To see Graduation Mountain:

For volcanic tourism at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. (Unfortunately, my pictures and the pictures on the NPS web site don't do it justice. It's nothing compared to Hawaiian volcanic areas, but kind of cool that it's in Idaho--not so famous for volcanoes.)

Those are interesting, but...

The actual reason was to see the home of the Butte Pirates. I wasn't getting my hopes up too high about what was in store for me (maybe they'd changed their name because of the few minutes of the brief internet fame they got a few years ago described in Dossy's Blog or because of the Ajaxx63 shirts, which inspired me to look this up when I was passing through Butte, Montana earlier).

I was not disappointed. It took a few minutes of driving around the town of a bit over 1,000 people.

The front of the school isn't too exciting, but the "Home of the Pirates" was promising. At least I'd have that much to show for the trip out of my way.

But I was delighted when I saw the athletic field stands:

I got a little closer and was not disappointed by the details.

And the shop class pirate detailing between "Butte" and "Pirates" is cool.

I couldn't leave without getting a few of myself at the home of the Butte Pirates...


Thanks to Dossy for putting together a good posting that helped me track this down and to Google for putting Dossy's post at the top. Thanks also to camera manufacturers for including self-timers and tripod manufacturers for manufacturing tripods.

Finally, a reminder from me and the Butte County School District:

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Haha, thanks sailhome. In case anyone's wondering, the blog entry sailhome is referring to is this one: Butte Pirates, remember this gag?

Those are some awesome photos, man. Nicely done.

Came across this via the remember this gag link. I LOL'ed again at seeing the very unfortunate juxtaposition of those two words in the stands. :P

Your photos are my go-to pix that I link to whenever I want to amuse a friend whose mind is like mine. Oh, there are others, but your presentation is the best. I've been referring to them for a while, so I figured it was time to thank you.

Thank you!

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